Our son is standing upright by holding on to end tables, the couch etc. Lately he's been trying to stand without holding onto things. He stands for a couple of seconds and then falls on his rear end. He'll be walking soon I think.

Christmas Eve

It's hard to imagine but this is our son's second Christmas. I'm thrilled to celebrate the holiday with my son and Nathan.


13 Months - Visit Santa

Today, Santa was on the agenda, and the kiddo got his first sit-down chat with the jolly follow.


1st Birthday!

It was our son's first birthday! Happy birthday!

He liked the bows the best.


11 Months

He had his picture recently at daycare.


10 Months

He's 10 months now and crawling. Here are some of those moves.



9 Months

The little kido is now 3/4 of a year old. In the last month, he's gotten 2 little teeth. He is able to get from his tummy to a sitting position and back to his tummy. He hasn't crawled yet, but is getting ready to.



Nathan and I are just waiting to see when our son gets his first tooth in his mouth. He has yet to sprout a tooth yet. Also, as Nathan mentioned we are waiting for him to start crawling. Anyhow I find parenthood challenging and the need to learn patience in enduring it all. I love my son, and cannot wait until he can read this...


8 Months

Well, it's now been 8 months. He's still not quite crawling, but he is lunging forwards. We are going to be going on a week-long trip this next week. We are calling it our belated honeymoon. This will be the longest we've ever been without our son as well. We'll miss him!


Freedom Festival

Kelly, baby and I all went to the Balloon Glow as part of the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival:

I also took a video:



7 Months and Sitting

It's already been another month and he is already sitting on his own. He's starting to grow out of his clothes so I bought 9-12 month clothes today.


6 Months and Mothers Day

Not only is our little one 6 months old today, it's also Mother's Day. I helped him show Kelly how much she is appreciated as a mom. He even helped pick out the card. His daycare helped him make this footprint plaque. He is very thoughtful :).


Daycare pictures!

The daycare had some pictures done, so I thought I would share one:


First Flight

We took a trip to San Diego for my brother's wedding. This was the kiddo's first flight, so we got some pictures.

We also go a picture of the three of us.


5 Months

He is wearing a new outfit today. I had to take the tags off, but I think it's quite cute.

Since last month, he has started eating rice cereal mixed with milk. It's a good start to solid food. He has been really good about sleeping at night, but recently he has been getting cranky when he gets tired, like he doesn't want to sleep or something.

Some family visited

My dad and my brother visited on their way to check out some colleges. They got to spend some time with Kelly, myself, and our little kiddo. I don't think a college has been chosen yet, but it was enjoyable to spend some time with them.


4 Months

Ok, so it's a little after his 4 month birthday, but I took the picture on the 10th, so it's still good.

Also, a few days before that I was trying to take a picture of his eyes and how the are copper colored. The pictures don't quite do him justice.


Favorite thing at day care.

The little kiddo really likes the Boppys at day care. They help him practice sitting up. The other day we also saw a seat at Target that was supposed to be better for helping him sit supported. If anyone has some items like this, I'm sure the kiddo would love them.


3 Months

Thought I would do a quick update with our son's 3 month photo:

And Kelly feeding him:


Hanging out with our son

Here are some recent pictures of us hanging out with our son:

In case you were wondering, we aren't sharing his name online. You have to personally know us to know his name...