We had baby's first Christmas this year. I took a super cute shot of him propped up in front of the small Christmas tree we have.

We then had lunch with some family friends. When we got back we resumed the gift exchange.

Kelly was pleasantly surprised by one of the gifts I gave her:

Our boy was not to be left out and he got some sweet bling:

He had to try one of the blankets out:

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas this year.


6 weeks

Our little baby boy is now 6 weeks old today. Hard to believe, but it's been both a struggle and a blessing.


One month and counting

I thought I would take a one month photo of our son:


We had some of Kelly's family over on Thanksgiving day:

Then the next day, we had some friends and Nathan's sister's family over:

The two cousins got to hang out:


Informal Family Photo

Today we took an informal family photo. I think they worked out really good.

Kelly's having fun.

Kelly wanted me to post some pictures of how she's doing. I caught some of her having fun on the Wii Fit, something which helps both of us track our fitness.

Thanks to my parents

My parents sent us a cool congratulations gift. It was one of those edible arrangements of fruit. It was good and Kelly really likes fruit, so there you go :).


Poses of our son

He struck some interesting poses the other day, quite the intellectual already.

At home

We came home on Wednesday, November 12, 2008. I'll get some photos we've taken recently up shortly.


Holding my son

I finally got a picture of me holding our precious son. Since I'm not equipped to feed him I try to burp him every time. It's just quite the kicker to be a parent and be so responsible for someone so small.


Andy appreciates his birthday present

Andy Stern stopped by and visited last night. He said that this was one of the best birthday presents he has ever gotten (grin :).


Welcome to the World the new baby Brown!

We have a son now! He was born at 5:58 pm and weighed 7 lb and 13.6 oz.

Kelly's "Complete"

Kelly was told that she is completely dilated and she will be able to start pushing.

Most likely a few more hours to go

I am 8 cm dilated and have been feeling pressure at my bottom.

Nearing the end

I'm 7 cm (out of 10 cm) dilated and feeling the end is near.

I'm 5 cm dilated. Half way there!

Kelly's water punctured

Kelly had her water punctured so that the contractions would get a move on.

Arrived at hospital

The baby's not coming right away, but Kelly was having some pains and stuff and thought it was best to go in. They took a look and decided she should stay.


Baby's coming soon

Kelly is getting ready for the birth of our first son. Here's a photo that is about a month old now: